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    OUTER BANKS GIFTS BLOG — Outer Banks Artisans

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    Preserve Your Outer Banks Experience | Mark Buckler Photography

    Your Outer Banks Experience

    If you like to take a little something home with you as a reminder of your time on the Outer Banks, you are not alone.  From the small to the sublime, Beach Treasures in Duck is filled with items that are perfect when you’re in the mood to reflect and reminisce about your Outer Banks experience.

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    Gifts Create Connection - A BLOG from Outer Banks Gifts Online and Beach Treasures in Duck

    Gifts Create Connection

    Increasingly I keep hearing that people are seeking shared experiences more so than things.  Admittedly, I seldom need any more stuff in my life either – but I do know that the desire to find something that creates connection or captures the essence of a place you love is still going strong!

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    Outer Banks Gifts Online | A Journey into a New Decade for Outer Banks Gifts

    A Journey into a New Decade for Outer Banks Gifts

    I have spent many years practicing some serious trial and error here at Beach Treasures in Duck! I've added this and I've added that...and have cultivated the business by watching, learning, and doing. Each individual who has worked with me has left his or her mark. What you might not realize is that each one of you walking through our door has also contributed to the new dynamic of our Beach Treasures in Duck.

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    Meet Our In-House Artist: Barbara Hearne | Beach Treasures in Duck

    Meet Our In-House Artist: Barbara Hearne

    Barbara's resin art is something truly special…bits and pieces, shells, and whatnots all rearranged into beautiful designs and objects to admire.  An old frame or window now becomes a canvas that we gaze upon rather than gazing through. Something new is now contained in something old, displaying handiwork where before none existed. 

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    Submerged in the Natural Wonders of Our World | Noah Snyder Outer Banks Artisan

    Submerged in the Natural Wonders of Our World

    With both an eye and love for his craft, Noah Snyder's pieces are the result of a process known as fractal wood burning…that when combined with acrylic paint, collide to create stunning art. Now, I know nothing of how to do such a thing but I can tell you that the pieces are as smooth as suede and the colors are vibrant and rich.  

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